The Story of the African Dog

von: Johan Gallant

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Verlag: Kynos
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Veröffentl.: 10.04.2015
ISBN/EAN: 9783954640454
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The African dog, or Africanis, is the original domestic dog of Southern Africa, whose ancient origins can be traced back to the prehistoric wild wolf packs of Arabia and India. This unique and fascinating study recreates for us the journey of the dog's primitive canine ancestors, from it's earliest presence at the fire of Stone Age humans, through the evolution from wolf to protodog to domestic dog and subsequent migration into the African continent with nomadic Neolithic herders.
The Africanis as a Land Race
The Africanis Personality Profile
Origins of the Africanis
The Domestic Dog Conquers Africa
Ancient Pedigrees an Exotic Roots
Thoroughbreds with African Roots
Conserving the Africanis

Appendix One Aptitude Test and Dog Mentality Assessment
Appendix Two the Africanis Society of Southern Africa: Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Breeders

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